In order to speed up our assembly process in Versailles (internal deadline is 10 P.M. on Thursday, June 26th*), we really wanted to get our hands dirty in Berlin. Standing around wondering what the hell to do on an open field in freezing Siberian march did not sound attractive to us. So we decided to give our university a call and see if they could maybe build a small hall for us. Before meeting up, they assured us of the humble dimensions of aforementioned and weren’t sure they could still fit a crane in. The next morning they nearly dropped dead** when they discovered Peter Behrens had built a huge hall overnight — how delightful. But our house did not get bigger overnight and we were a little sad. To compensate we decided to slowly expand into the last corner of the hall. We hope we find everything we need before taking off!

* Did you know the world cup already starts on 12 June? Sorry SDE, we just realised. We have to cancel. But… rest assured we are doing the best to find an alternate solution!
** Luckily we completed our first-aid course!