The company BeluTec presents itself as a successful medium sized company that has produced door systems for over 25 years. As a renowned manufacturer of high quality industrial doors and garage doors, as well as innovative lifting and folding systems, it is one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron is a group of companies with an international outlook and ranks among the market and technology leaders worldwide in the sectors of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and renewable energies.



A clay building-energy concept, so ingeniously simple, which necessarily requires a closer look! The question of how you can regulate the temperature of your house and simultaneously counteract overheating of the rooms can be answered with the climate wall.

Miele rot


Miele is one of the most successful manufacturers of high-end domestic appliances and fitted kitchens. The products of the family-run and owned business from Gütersloh, Germany, are known for their longevity and efficiency in use.

Jab Anstoetz

Jab Anstoetz

For customers around the world, the name JAB ANSTOETZ stands for visionary design and top quality textile creations that set new trends time and again. As a stylish counterpart to the fabric portfolio, we offer fitted carpets as well as designer flooring and rugs in the highest quality grades. The coherent range is completed by carefully handcrafted upholstery furniture and a small but refined collection of curtain rods and wallpapers.


Solibro Hi-Tech

The PV installation of this project is based on CIGS panels sponsored by the Solibro Hi-Tech GmbH and produced at the Solibro GmbH facilities in Thalheim/Germany. Both are part of Hanergy – one of the world leading renewable-energy companies. CIGS has the highest efficiency potential among thin-film technology and Solibro currently holds the world record for thin-film panels with 18.7% efficiency.

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Augusta Solar_4c


Eternit AG is a leading manufacturer of quality products for the energy efficient building envelope. The portfolio comprises products and systems for roofs, facades and photovoltaics.


The Buzon pedestals are being used for creating raised access floors in outdoor areas. The most application fields are terraces, balconies, walkways at the beach, pool surroundings or marinas. They are adjustable in the height from 11 till 1120 mm. Our award winning and patented slope corrector system gives the possibility to compensate slopes from 0-5% and build zero leveled surfaces. Since 1987, Buzon Pedestal International has been Europe’s leading manufacturer of screw jack polypropylene pedestals.


Uponor is a leading provider of plumbing and indoor climate solutions for residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America. It is also a prominent supplier of municipal infrastructure systems in northern Europe.

Hans Grohe

As a ‘champion of the value of water’, Hansgrohe is a ‘green’ company by conviction. And by tradition. Since the 1980s, the Black Forest bathroom specialist has been developing more and more products that save water and energy. Moreover, this industry pioneer is treading the path of sustainability in all areas of business and setting standards with its environmentally friendly concepts.


JUNG provides equipment and systems that win over by advanced technology, sophisticated design, and a large variety of features. On one hand, the portfolio includes switches, socket outlets, dimmer, and observers. On the other hand, JUNG creates innovative systems for controlling features in your home.

Augusta Solar

With the high-vacuum collectors augusta-solar, the CO2 emission per year of a single family home can be reduced by a three-quarter ton of carbon dioxide. The longevity of our facilities and the high operational reliability is guaranteed by the exclusive use of corrosion resistant materials.

Valentin Software

Valentin Software

Valentin Software can look back on over 20 years of successful company history. With its brands PV*SOL®, T*SOL® and GeoT*SOL® for the dynamic simulation, design, yield calculation and financial prognosis of photovoltaic, solar thermal and heatpump systems, Valentin Software has become the worldwide leading provider in innovative planning software for sustainable energy supply.

NFK Leichtbau-01

NFK Leichtbau

The AG NFK lightweight is a working group with headquarters in Berlin, which deals with the development of ecological lightweight materials. Its focus lies on the initiation of funded research and development projects and the implementation of specific product developments.



Since 1990, GKI successfully produces sanitary installations. Quality, a high level of customer benefit and a permanent focus in design are the center of their efforts.



The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with a global orientation. Geberit has its own representatives in 41 countries. The range includes the product areas of sanitary and piping systems. Geberit brand products are innovative, durable and eco-efficient.


Thede und Witte

Parquet – an inexhaustible range of shapes and colors: Each piece brings unique, life and warmth into your home. In their wide range you will surely find the flooring that meets your taste and interior style.



Hettich is internationally renowned for quality, innovation, reliability and customer proximity. Technology for furniture – that is their passion. With our special fittings they inspire people all around the world.

C3 House

C3 Technologies

The Company focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of “green“ high-tech composite materials, the C3 composites.

Briz GmbH

Briz GmbH

The Briz GmbH is your specialist for plumbing and building services. It places great value on future-oriented, environmentally friendly technologies. It will gladly advise you concerning the use of renewable energies and current funding programs in order to protect the environment and save money through heat pumps, photovoltaic or CHP.



Catalano is a company focussing on finest, contemporary Italian design, made to the highest standards and hand finished by skilled craftsmen in Italy. The creation of beautiful products have placed the company among top ranks in its field, allowing the fullest expression of the designer to create beautiful and functional bathing environments.



“We started innocent in 1999 after selling our smoothies at a music festival. We put up a big sign asking people if they thought we should give up our jobs to make smoothies, and put a bin saying ‘Yes’ and a bin saying ‘No” in front of the stall. Then we got people to vote with their empties. At the end of the weekend, the ‘Yes’ bin was full, so we resigned from our jobs the next day and got cracking.” This is the story we see us writing in a couple of years.

Metallbau Süd

Metallbau Süd

For more than 40 years, Metallbau Süd GmbH strives to support its customers in their construction projects with its productions. Our employees faithfully build detailed structures including doors, façades, windows, fire safety and aluminium and steel constructions.



Franke is the largest stainless steel sink manufacturer in the world and a leading name for Fragranite kitchen sinks, kitchen taps and cooker hoods. The functionality and design of the products combine Swiss Excellence with German precision.


Osmo Holz und color

“Color that protects.” Only one layer of paint ensures that the natural beauty and strength of wood is preserved for long. More than 40 years ago, Osmo developed breathable wood coatings based on natural oils and waxes. Thus, the company pioneered.



For more than 45 years, RHEINZINK has been internationally producing products for roof drainage, roof covering and facade cladding. RHEINZINK produces titantium zinc in to quality in various surface qualities. We make sure that our products are sustainable.


Multi- Contact

Multi-Contact (MC) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality connectors and electrical contact systems, providing innovative solutions for demanding applications. Thanks to our unique MULTILAM Technology. Our products are characterized by a long lifespan and low power loss.

Kieback & Peter

Kieback und Peter

Kieback & Peter creates innovative solutions for building automation. They provide comfort in rooms and maximized energy efficiency. Using networked technology, they optimize the interaction of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, blinds and other systems.


Valentin Berlin Holzhandel

Carpenters and interior designers want quality and fast service – Valentin offers a 24 hour delivery service and over 30,000 items required for your work.



RHEINMAGNET Horst Baermann GmbH has been one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of permanent magnetic products and solutions for trading, advertising and industrial applications for more than 4 decades.

PV Partners

PV Partners

PV Partners is an amalgamation of industry professionals, offering you an exclusive selection of photovoltaic modules, inverters and assembly systems. Our close contact with customers throughout Europe enables a choice of customer-oriented products to suit the market.

Ozzio Design

Ozzio Design

The Italian company Ozzio Design is able to develop and distribute high-end innovative products for interior decoration with an international network of partners. Customer proximity and constant improvement of their products is a key value of Ozzio Design.


Auerhahn GmbH

Auerhahn is one of the oldest and renowned suppliers of cutlery in the world. The high quality assortment includes cutlery for children, dinners and presents. Classy design-oriented accessories linked to the laid table and stylish living complete the range of goods.


Güde Messer

The production of the finest possible handcrafted, forged cutlery is and always has been the driving philosophy of our company. Today Güde is proud to continue the centuries old tradition of quality knifemaking for which the town of Solingen is justly world famous.

HIS Renewables

HiS Renewables

HIS is one of the leading providers of switches and cables for photovoltaic systems.



Ib-rec is a Berlin- based distributor for batteries of the brand “Super B” from the Netherlands in the fields of renewable energy and batteries for vehicles.

Mechthilde Madlener Physiotherapie

Mechthilde Madlener Physiotherapie

Mechthilde Madlener is an independent Berlin-based physical therapist who is so generous as to coming in and massaging our hard-working team members twice a week. Comfort is being combined with usefulness – not only do we emotionally dwell on this relaxing recess from work, but it turns out we all have quite bad posture or other deficits her eye doesn’t miss and that can thus, at least temporarily, be relieved.

Super B

Super B Lithium Batteries

Super B developed a new battery with an innovative production method. As Super B demands to have a high quality standard, the company decides to start up its own production instead of outsourcing. To achieve this, Super B cooperated with several highly qualified institutes and companies.


DGS- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Solarenergie e.V.

The goal of the DGS, founded in 1975, is to change the energetic economy toward the use of renewable energies. The association supports all kinds of energy serving techniques and the rational use of energy.



The AStA (Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss) is the General Student Council of the UdK Berlin. We are the representative student counterpart to the administration, boards and faculties of UdK Berlin.